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Over the past few months we have been sharing lots of great information with you about cells and how they function. In my last post, we talked about P...

Cells Being Intentional

June 23, 2015

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Prayer, the fuel that empowers an effective cell group

March 12, 2015

Now, that we have discussed the difference between Edification & Evangelism and also examined the format of our cell meetings let’s talk about the importance of prayer in our cell groups by looking into 3 areas of healthy prayer in our groups.


Prayers of the Leader – The prayers of a cell leader, are absolutely, the catalyst for a successful cell group. Without prayer we will find ourselves doing cell ministry as leaders, without the inspiration of our Lord and Savior Jesus, through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit. Jesus desires to be the main influence in our cell groups through the leader and through the leaders personal relationship with Him. The main way the leader will maintain a healthy personal relationship with Jesus is prayer. Without that prayer life the leader may fall into the trap of leading, not under the influence of the Holy Spirit, but under the influence of their own lives, or their own ideas. It is that fresh encounter with Jesus through the Holy Spirit, and prayer, that keeps the leaders inspired to lead the group, providing vision for the group, and ministering to the group. Prayer does take time, and commitment. Also, I believe even more than that, personal resolve. Prayer without question is a personal commitment, that takes personal resolve on the part of the leader or anyone.


Prayers of the Cell Members – It is clear that the prayer life of the cell leader is potentially the beginning place for effective cell ministry. But, I also believe that equally important is the prayer life of the cell members. It is clear that the personal prayer life of the cell members has a ton of influence on the overall health of the cell group. If people are coming to the cell group with the idea that the cell leader, and or the cell groups, sole purpose is to provide all of the ministry they need, we may have a problem. No one person or single group of people has the capability to know the fullness of the Lords will for every persons life. Nor do we have the capability to meet every need of every person in that group. There are simply times when the Lord wants to meet each person individually without others in the way. We desire each cell member to learn to value their personal prayer life, to learn to take their own prayer life seriously, to learn to take their own needs to the Lord, and finally to receive from the Lord the ministry that is needed for their personal lives. It seems unfair for any person to expect that a cell leader, or cell group can meet all of their spiritual needs. Without each person growing in their personal prayer life, and learning how to bring their own needs to the Lord, we will find ourselves engulfed in the needs of the individuals in the group. Over time that can have a detrimental effect on the cell group, and cause us to dangerously focus only on the people in the cell group, and lose any vision for the lost or needy in our spheres of influence outside the cell group.


Prayers of the Cell Group – Most of us would agree that there is great power in large group prayer. Large group prayer, that is unified in one direction, vision, and purpose is absolutely powerful. Again this takes faith on the part of the entire group, and it is something that the leaders will need to lead the group into by example. However, it is vital that the cell group doesn't miss the power of large group unified prayer. This is where we batter down the gates of hell, and begin to win in the spiritual realm. This where we win people to the Lord, we win healing for our cell group, and we win the territory that the Lord is asking us to win. Large group prayer is spiritual warfare prayer for the people, and spiritual condition of our region. There are really two areas in the cell meeting where can engage large group prayer, to begin and end the meeting. Joining hands and openly inviting the Lord in large group prayer to join us, to show us people that we need to pray for, to protect us in our meeting, to enlarge our territory, to see His hand in our lives, etc. is absolutely powerful. This kind of prayer will clearly draw the attention of the Lord and His Spirit. When we pray like this, the Lord will lead us into a new level of effective ministry in each person in the group, and also to people who are outside the group.


No matter where the Lord has currently placed you in His minsitry, prayer is absolutely a tool that we can all engage for the expansion of the Lord's Kingdom. As we pray as leaders, as we pray as individuals, and as we pray in groups the Lord is drawn to that prayer, and His Word tells us He will draw near to His people who will humbly pray. I hope that today you will resolve yourself in your spirit to engage prayer in a new and powerful way.  I know it is a challenge in our world today to find the time to pray. This kind of prayer, will take a committment and resolve on your part, or it just won't happen. Begin today and know that your prayers have the ability to draw the Lord's heart and He then, has the ability to do anything. Begin today, PRAY!


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