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Cells Being Intentional

June 23, 2015

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What are the two purposes of a multiplication cell meeting?

January 29, 2015

What are the two purposes of a multiplication cell meeting?


The simple answer is really two fold, Edification & Evangelism.


Edification is the building up of the body or believers through fellowship, prayer, ministry. The using of our spiritual gifts to encourage and build up others. We accomplish that in so many ways and we should be taking the time to edify each other in the body of Christ. Arrows in ministry!


Evangelism is the reaching out of the members of the church or cell group to other people in our communities who do not have a personal relationship with Christ. With the goal of eventually leading them to Christ by building a relationship with them where they can see Christ in us and through that relationship with us see the need for Christ in their own lives and be open to that. Arrows out ministry!


Which one are we doing the best? I can pretty much answer that question for most all of us. Edification! This is a good thing and I am so glad that we are so willing to love and care for each other in both the physical and spiritual way. We should continue to do that because we all need that. So, please here me when I say edification is good, and we should continue to build up and edify each other.


But, if we stop there where does that leave us? Many churches fall into the trap of becoming a country club for the saved instead of a hospital for the hurting. Which is what Jesus would want us to be, a country club or a hospital? I admit being a hospital is a lot more work, and it can get kind of messy. But, I believe he would want us to be a hospital for the hurting and we know that there are so many hurting people in our world.  So, to spur you forward I am going to ask some questions.


How much time do you, your cell, or your ministry spend focused on Edification?

How much time do you, your cell, or your ministry spend focused on Evangelism?

Are we giving equal time to both edification and evangelism, or is it unbalanced?

When was the last time you, your cell, or your ministry prayed for unbelievers?

When was the last time you, or your cell, or ministry had a visitor to your cell or ministry?

When was the last time you, or your cell, or ministry lead someone to Christ?

Are we out of balance in our cells and ministries when it comes to edification & evangelism?


No matter where you are in the Kingdom of God or what ministry you are doing, at the core, Kingdom ministry it is all about encouraging each other and winning people to Jesus.


Edification is awesome and we all need it at times in our life. But, if we have accepted Christ, been filled with his Spirit, and are now living his freedom. Our ticket is punched, and we have obtained our eternal security. We should know that we will spend all eternity in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have been fully loved.


If that is the case, how much more edification do we need? Let’s become secure not in this world, or in our feelings or emotiongs, but in the grace and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus.


Let’s take that security, and invest our lives in the eternal rewards of heaven.


Souls through both edification and evangelism.


Just One More Soul!


Pastor Marty

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